Balloon Animals

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Welcome to FewDoIt balloon twisting workshop - proud and loud since 2007
About Balloon-O-Therapy FewDoIt Project
On this page you will find instructions for making balloon animals and decorations.
It is a very unique collection - I've been using only 260s modeling balloons for making all those sculptures.
Each video instruction accompanied by a blog post with pictures for your convenience. Instructions sorted by topics for easier navigation.
I've been making it all for you - just as Few dit it for me.
Have fun and happy twisting :)

Balloons for Beginners
Balloon Games
Balloons for Adults
Balloon Arches and Balloon Poles
ABC Balloon Letters and Numbers
Balloon Numbers
Буквы из Шариков
Balloon Animals
Balloon Animal Bodies
Balloon Balls
Balloon Bears
Balloon Bikes
Balloon Angry Birds
Balloon Birds
Balloon Broomstick
Balloon Bunny
Balloon Butterfly
Balloon Cakes
Balloon Candles
Balloon Cars
Balloon Caterpillar
Balloon Cats
Balloon Christmas
Balloon Crocodile
Balloon Crowns
Balloon Dinosaur
Balloon Dogs
Balloon Dolls
Balloon Ducks
Balloon Fabric
Balloon Fish
Balloon Flowers
Balloon Flying Machines
Balloon Frogs
Balloon Flags- old page!
Balloon Giraffe
Balloon Guns
Balloon Hats
Balloons for Halloween
Balloon Hands and Signs
Balloon Hearts
Balloon Horses
Balloon Insects
Balloon Lollipop
Balloon Mermaids
Balloon Monkey
Balloon Mouse
Balloon Musical Instruments
Balloon Pigs
Balloon Pokemons
Balloon Pyramids
Balloon Religious
Balloon Rings
Balloon $ and S
Saint Patrick's Day Balloons
Balloon Snakes
Spider-Man Balloon Animals
Balloon Stars
Balloon SpongeBob
Balloon Swords
Balloon Vases
Balloon Wands