Balloon Hats

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Balloon hats and balloon flowers probably the largest categories of balloon sculptures that I made instructions for.
Balloon hats look great on photos for one thing.
We can attach balloon animals or any balloon sculptures to hats. And you can turn any hat into balloon vase!
Also, check out balloon fabric page and balloon balls page for more ideas to use for making hats.

Curly Balloon Hat

The Cat in The Hat balloon hat

Pikachu balloon hat

One Balloon Headband

Willy Wonka balloon hat

Balloon mouth

Balloon Woven Hat

Balloon Helmet

Balloon Wig

Graduation balloon cap

Balloon rainbow hat

Sun balloon hat

Birthday Cake Balloon Hat

Elephant Balloon Hat

How to make dinosaur balloon hat

Mickey and Minnie mouse balloon hat

Balloon owl hat

Santa Claus balloon hat

Sunflower balloon hat. Pumpkin balloon hat. Daisy balloon hat

How to make a balloon hat

One Balloon Bat (paid link)

Balloon baseball cap

Balloon duck hat

Balloon clown hat

Bug Balloon Hat

Bug balloon hat

3 leaf clover balloon hat

Target Balloon Hat

Cat balloon hat

Uncle Sam balloon hat

Uncle Sam balloon hat

Dog Balloon Hat

Sailboat balloon hat