Balloon Flowers

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I made more balloon flowers than any other balloon sculptures.
And there are so many more balloon flowers left to make!
Check balloon hats and balloon vases pages for more fun with flowers :)

3 leaf clover balloon hat

Balloon Rose

Balloon blooming cherry

Balloon rose

Lilac balloon flower. Dandelion balloon flower

Balloon flower. How to make one balloon flower

Cattail balloon flower

How to make balloon rose

Balloon flower bracelet

Sunflower balloon hat. Pumpkin balloon hat. Daisy balloon hat

Balloon rainbow hat

Flower balloon ring

Balloon pacifier. Balloon ghost. Balloon cherry. Balloon apple. Balloon tomato

Calla lily balloon flower

Balloon Lily of the Valley

How to make balloon flower

Balloon star

One balloon tulip

How to make balloon flower

Balloon flower

Water Lily Balloon Flower

One balloon daisy

One balloon sunflower

One balloon flower in vase

Balloon flower ring bracelet

Marijuana balloon leaf

How to make balloon flower bouquet

How to make balloon flower

One balloon flower

Woven balloon flower

Balloon Flower. How to make balloon flower