Planters DIY

Most plants need to be housed in some kind of planter to grow potted with roots in water or just to be hold in a place.
I made different types of DIY planters for each particular project involving growing land plants in aquariums.
On this page you will find my DIY planters for aquatic and terrestrial plants growing in my aquariums and on top of aquariums.

Aquarium suction cups

How to Make Seashell Planter

How to Make Planter for Aquarium Jar

Aquarium Planter DIY

DIY Aquarium Flower Garden Planter

Plastic Cup Aquarium Planter DIY

Mason Jar Planter DIY

Aquarium Garden Planter

Anchor Aquarium Plants with a Shell

Plant holder of wire hanger for aquarium

Aquarium plant holder of wire hanger

Aquaponics planter of plastic bottle DIY

DIY Aquaponics planters of plastic bottle