One Dream Project

This project is my attempt to embrace something as immeasurable as happiness.
How can we measure Happiness in tangible ways? It would be as to embrace the immensity.
I am not sure of my English on this one...for clarity, I mean to say what is in Russian "Объять необъятное".
Measuring happiness is like measuring there a relaible universal way?
Our world is going to be digital whether we want it it or not.
And we have to find ways of measuring happiness and usufulness among all other immesurable now in digital ways "things".
I started FewDoIt project to make myself happy while making other people happy.
The project has been ever expending since than in multiple ways. And honestly, I cannot say for sure where it goes.
One thing I am certain is that making people happy makes me happy more.
So, I am guessing - that is the way of "Объять необъятное":)

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