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Eastern newts are one of the smallest and cutiest newts with the most complicated life development stages.
It all makes them one of the most interesting aquatic pets I've ever kept.
It took me over an year of preparations and searching for Eastern newts.
And than it took one glance on newts for my whole family to fall in love with them :)

Tricking newts to eat cereal

Newts and Fish Worms Feeding Fun

Wishing the best for my Newts

Newts Eat Worms

Newts Sleep Funny

Gravel for Newts

Newts Watching TV

Newts Tug of War

Checking on Newts in Spring

When Newts Sleep

Newts mating Funny

How to Make Ramp for Newts

Newts Mating

Newt is checking out new rocks

Fun Breakfast Newts Fun

Newts Feeding on Snails

What Red spotted Newts Eat

Newts Fight

Playing with Newts

Meet Red Spotted Newts

Newts Setup

Quest to find Newts part 2 enjoy

Quest to Find Newts part 1

Hanging Garden Paludarium

Vertical Paludarium pre-view