Nature Discovery

While exploring local parks of New York I've been taking videos.
Discoverying Natural treasures - tiny critters, plants and who-knows-what-else makes my day.
It is more than helping scientist in tracking constant changes in the local Nature.
Changes are the only permanent thing in our world.
Tracking those changes impovers me with understanding of what is going on in this world.

Where to find wild species in your neighborhood

How to identify plants animals critters and everything else

Smoke over New York

WHAT is that BUG in my AQUARIUM

Funny dogs - catch me if you can game

Checking on lizards in rainy Fall day

Little Wonders of Big City

Turtle walks on water surface

Morning Walk around Pond at Crotona Park

New Aquariums More Fun 😁

Baby Turtle livestream

World in a Window

Duck Nesting at Cornell Tech NYC

Why Dogs Eat Grass

Pink Azalea in Focus

Harbor Seal NYC

What flower is this?

The first days of Spring in New York

The last days of Winter in New York

Winter fun with seagulls in New York

I Found Water Scorpion

Duckweed Wild Samples for your aquariums

Aquatic Plants and Critters in Central park May 2021

Snapping Turtles Central park NYC

What I Found in Twin Lakes Bronx Botanical Garden

What I Found in Alley Pond

What I Found in Brooklyn Prospect Park Lake

What I Found in Conservatory Water NYC

What I Found in Meadow Lake