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After keeping guppies for a couple decades,
I decided to breed my own strain of dwarf sized guppies suitable for smallest possible sustaining aquariums.
This journey took me many years of experiments. I learnt a lot interesting facts about guppies and aquarium care in general.
And that journey brought me to sustainable aquarium gardens.
Check videos bellow for details about guppies.

Breeding Dwarf Guppy (size up to 2 cm) strain Data sheet
Guppies in sustainable aquarium live stream

Guppy Population Density

How to Breed Guppies From Start

Guppy Gender

Guppy Behavior Myths and Realities

Dwarf Guppies Update

Yes! Fish Feel

Guppy 2 Years Update

Guppies 1 Year Around

Dwarf Guppy 2nd Generation

Newborn Guppy Small Size Strain 2nd line

Newborn Guppies

New Born Guppy small strain

Small Guppy size update

Breeding small guppy - newborn update

Small guppy update

Breeding small guppies - newborn!

Breeding small strain of guppies

Guppy growing in plastic bottle aquariums update