Grindal Worm

Buy Grindal worms locally through Craigslist
Buy Grindal worms on Amazon (paid link)

I started culturing Grindal worms feeding my fish.
My Guppies and Endler fish love Grindal worms - and your fish deserve to get Grindal worms for snack too!
Check videos on this page for details on how I've been culturing Grindal worms on different mediums.

How to make Dry Worms Pellets

Worm Attack

Grindal Worm Culture Collapse Sign

Grindal Worms in Water Drops

Grindal Worms Culture on Moss

Frozen Grindal Worms Fish Food DIY

Feeding Fish Frozen Grindal Worms

Grindal Worms Culture on Polyester Foam

Feeding Fish with Grindal Worms

Grindal Worms Culture on Peat Moss with Springtails surprise

Grindal Worms Culture top soil vs peat moss

Grindal Worms Culture Top Soil

How Long Grindal Worms Live Underwater

Grindal Worms First Setup